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My Love,

I know it’s kind of late,
to write you a serenade,
After all what happened between us,
After all the mess I made,
After all the pain I gave you,
and the pain you’re suffering still
I know I’m asking for too much,
of your kindness, patience and will

I know I wasn’t there for you,
at the times you needed me most
Crippled by my imperfections,
blinded by my selfish dreams,
dreams I have fulfilled at the highest cost,
the price-my love-was you, or so it seems.

Among all the people I know,
You’ll remain my true best friend.
My caring guardian angel,
The love that has no end,
The song my heart does sing,
To cheer the living and the dead,
The light my soul does need,
To reform what time has bent.

You’re the reason for my stability,
you’re my pride and self esteem.
You’re the sun that gives me warmth,
and the moon that makes me dream.
You’re everything I really wanted,
an’ I’d give up everything for you.
I’m not sure of anything,
But I know,

I’m totally in Love with you

So, until our eyes finally meet,
and you believe what I say is true,
and You feel my every heart beat
You’ll know I’d never lie to you,
I wish you all the happiness,
I wish all the love,
I remain yours forever,
I remain hopelessly in love.

A. L. Gomaa © August 2006