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She lies–she fakes, in perfect honesty
she giggles–she cries –same intensity
she hates–she loves with ultimate modesty
she’s fates last trick on you

she dances and glances with eyes full of hope
she attacks you then caresses you if you just won’t cope
she confuses you then muses you — gets fixed with dreams for dope
she’s fates last trick on you

she begs– then orders you with a voice full of fear
she insults– then holds you: in a place so warm and dear
she’s lost yet she finds you: for reasons not so clear
she’s fates last trick on you

she judges, holds grudges yet then regret it all
she dreads an’ locks her feelings behind a mighty wall
she’s able to praise you while making you feel so small
she’s fates last trick on you

she’s kind and mean — it’s all just the same
she’s fat and lean — will find someone to blame
she’ll make you regret being yourself– oh how lame
this last trick won’t do, this last trick won’t do


A. L. Gomaa© 2010