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Prevent the earth from circling around this glorious sun,
Stop all kids from laughing, from playing, from having fun.
Let the plants curse the spring, let the whole world fail to run,
Let a son stab his father, let ‘im be proud of what he’s done.

Is life a chronic sickness and death the ultimate cure?
Is love a poisoned well and hate the fountain pure?
Is hope an illegitimate child and desperation a righteous heir,
of a god forsaken kingdom; that’s neither just nor fair?

Farewell to you, my dear old friend, parting in this world is sadly a must.
Memories of you will haunt me forever, despite the ashes, beyond the dust.
You now exist in a world so true, amazingly real and majestically just.
You’re now in the hands of a mighty God, in him have faith, in him do trust.

I pray to you O mighty lord; an’ I know you love us all,
honor my dearest friend, who has accepted your final call,
Show him your grace, give him peace, bless his spirit with eternal rest,
Grant him love, allow him joy and offer him mercy at its best.


A. L. Gomaa 2008