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O mother! Why have you left me,
It’s dark an’ I hate being alone,
Ibbenbüren is cold and misty,
Winter is freezing my deepest bone.

O mother, you always told me,
Beware of them in cloaks,
They’d stain my spotless innocence,
Doves should never flock with hawks.

Didn’t he fool you in the name of love,
Then dumped you ruined and mad,
As booze replaced your guiltless blood,
An’ I was deprived of calling him dad.

Even he whom I thought unique,
Could never betray his blood,
He parted in a way so neat and sleek,
Soaking my honor in stink and mud.

Don’t ever cry over me mama,
I’ll never let you down,
I’ll make you proud for I’ll become,
A queen with glorious shiny crown.

For what is more worthy and honorable,
Than fighting for ones country’s cause,
I have joined the Schutzstaffel as of today,
I’m Oberaufseherin Erna Rose*.

*Erna Rose was an SS supervisor at Ravensbrück concentration camp during the Second World War. She is said to have been depraved and cruel.

A. L. Gomaa © 8th September 2006