You asked me who I was, I guess I’ll tell you dude,
I’ll then have to shoot you, for I can’t help being rude,
I’ve been around for a while, my name? Oh! Call me Ben,
I know everything and anything, the why where and when.

I’m the reason you’re so proud, I’m your ego and self-esteem,
I’m the guy who watches your back; I’m the guy who guards your dream,
I’m the secret that’s never told and the tree whose roots run deep,
I’m the coffee that keeps you awake and the pill that makes you sleep.

I know who killed dear Marilyn, for I was personally there,
I shot three bullets from a riffle, in….well, you know where!
I dined twice with the godfather; His name was not Corleone,
I spied on some John Lennon, same thing with Oliver stone.

I shook hands with ET, and tampered with the Roswell file,
I added a term to the dictionary, it’s called: “official denial”.
I killed a Chi Guevara, through some dear and loyal thugs,
I printed his face on posters, on T-shirts and coffee mugs.

I bathed in the Bay of Pigs then opened the Watergate,
I formed a gang called contra then toyed with Persians mate!
I conspired with loyal knaves, made them rule man, beast and bird,
For oil must be in good hands, in this world we call “the Third”.

I brought Laden’s son, to kick the russkies out of Afghanistan,
And when his job was done, I had to ditch him man!
The guy as vicious as they come, killed thousands and no shame,
Now every other idiot thought I was the one to blame.

I’ve never seen it coming; I was tired of the status quo,
I too can make mistakes, I am only human you know!
I needed more information, tortured rascals in Abu Ghraib
Until some moron took a picture of this “smiling American babe”

I’m not afraid of judgment; history is a book I solely write,
You can add your own chapters, if you think you’re up to the fight,
The present is what concerns me; so far I am doing just fine,
The future though vague to many, I believe is totally mine.

My ‘freedom’ needs protection; I’d defend it with your life
My enemies I will crush them, by fear and pain and strife,
Morality means nothing, except to the poetic dreaming few,
It doesn’t matter if in action, I killed a man or two.

So, before I shoot you as promised, I just wanted you to know
And to repeat here and now, in a voice loud or low:
“I’m your conscious and subconscious, I’m the eye that never sleeps,
I’m the rhythm your heart does follow an’ I own your mind for keeps.”


A. L. Gomaa© 24/8/2006