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I, the man whos name below is signed,
have always wondered truly and earnestly:
do we use words to speak our minds?
or simply to hide our deepest feelings – deliberately!

Or maybe words, an’ I say this with a sigh,
are meant to shield one’s simplest, most delicate insights,
and maybe they get in the common lad’s way,
rather than help’m win battles of reason he fights.

It takes “Poe*” or a poet as skilled as “Hedges*”,
to knit their thoughts into words they mean,
to push their minds beyond boundaries and edges,
an’ tell exactly what their minds have seen.

Rarely have I failed to deliver how I honestly feel,
be it in words or with a simple blink of an eye,
but my feelings lately have become so magically real,
an’ I can’t release them; I don’t know why.

Feelings in my heart are of the simplest nature,
yet much too simple for complex words to endure.
Feelings so delicate for my mind to capture,
and words are poison rather than a healing cure.

All I can say ‘s that grace has filled my heart;
like golden seeds preserved in a clear crystal pod.
Until our souls unite or death do us part,
your love will certainly bring me closer to God.

* Edgar Allan Poe: American Author, Novelist and Poet
* Rhey W. Hedges: Inventor, Poet, Guru, Friend and Founding Member of the Dead Poets Society

Copyright ©A.L.Gomaa 4th of February, 2008