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We waste so much of our hasty lives ,
wondering, What’s wrong? or rather: what’s right?
A question stands, an’ I ask it yet in vain:
Is something called: true love at first sight?

Is it the face that I immediately fell for,
where acceptance lives and serenity shines?
Is it the eyes who shook my shell and core,
mercilessly deluding me with contradictory signs?

Is it a case of faith, so limited and frail,
Against my blurred and truly false dreams?
Or is it hope? I easily welcome and hail,
hastily giving in, Whenever it beams.

Is it you? an‘ I wonder who you may be?
Who led me on then swept me off my feet.
With feelings greater than: I, you or we,
guiding my soul and my every heartbeat.

Sweetly confused and ignorantly proud,
I close my eyes for a better look at this light;
your soul does shine, as I state here out loud:
“Who ever loved that loved not at first sight”.


A.L.Gomaa © November 2007