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With every humane emotion, I’ve duly endured,
Along came a sensation, I hardly ever cured,

I struggled to capture happiness,
in a moment of conscious madness,
I failed and all I found,
Was hurt and pain and sadness,

my heart happily Seized and Lured.

With love I dreamt and rhymed and prayed it’s meant to stay,
Along came deprivation, scattering my hopes astray,

O Love, master of emotions,
Why do you always part,
Leaving only sorrow behind you,
Mercilessly Breaking my heart,

forcing my soul to lose its way .

With hope I fueled my senses, kept a serene and confident smile,
Along strolled despair with a face so bleak and vile,

I tried to fight it’s demons,
I swore I’d never give in,
But despair is a mighty conqueror,
That’s meant to fight and win,

that’s meant to stay for a while.

With life I Hoped and loved, laughed and hopelessly cried,
Along lurked death, that smiled each time I sighed,

“you can find love, and conquer deprivation,
You can find hope, and stamp out desperation,
You can be as lucky as some,
Who found faith and consolation ,

but how can you escape me, even if you tried”?

A. L. Gomaa© 27th of august 2006